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January 27, 2020  

Mompreneur Maddie Gartmann of Garty Goodies

Jenny interviews Maddie Gartmann from Garty Goodies. Maddie was a high school English teacher for 8 years when she abruptly left her job to begin her own baking business. She found herself navigating the world of business while learning the daunting role of motherhood with her three month old. She currently runs Garty Goodies, a custom cookie company, and teaches public, private, and corporate cookie classes in the Minneapolis metro area.

Maddie is so talented and creative. She made manatee cookies for my sister’s bridal shower and they were to die for. Check her out on Instagram @gartygoodies or look for my post on @careermompodcast to see these adorable cookies.

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January 20, 2020  

The Mental Load Project with Robyn Miller

Jenny is interviewing Dr. Robyn Miller for an exciting episode talking about how moms can shift the mental load of motherhood. If you are overwhelmed and not sure where to start to alleviate your overwhelm this podcast is it! Robyn’s motto is “Division Not Delegation” so learn how to get started to alleviate some of your mental load. Robyn realized that to continue to succeed in her professional career, and be a happy wife and mother, she and her partner needed to learn to truly share all this invisible labor.  When she couldn't find the any solutions or strategies on-line or from friends and colleagues, Robyn drew upon her own skills and experience to develop a unique formula to achieve mental load equality.  Her strategy worked so well, Robyn has now turned it into an on-line course to support other women and couples struggling with true division of invisible and visible labor.


Check out Robyn’s website: Listeners can receive a free guide to mentally unload plus receive an exclusive 25% off discount code for her course.

Robyn references Emma’s cartoon early in the episode – check it out here:

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January 13, 2020  

Mental Overwhelm

Jenny explains what a day in the life of her overwhelmed mom brain sounds like. If you’re a mom then you know that majority of the administrative tasks of managing a family falls on the mother. When I had my son I had a new load of things to do and think about to keep a child alive and a household functioning. I also uncovered self-doubt and guilt that I had never experienced before. Then I went back to work and when the mental tasks of my full-time job combined with the family tasks my mind exploded. Overwhelmed career moms – You are not alone!

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January 6, 2020  

Girls Trip

Jenny is with Laura and Denise, her best friends, on their annual girl’s trip. Hear how Denise felt leaving her baby for the first time and why these trips are so important to all three women. IG @careermompodcast Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Audible Music Credit: Campfire by Scandinavianz

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