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April 6, 2020  

Career Moms and COVID19 with Rachel Bailey

Jenny interviews, Rachel Bailey, a parenting specialist about the challenges of being a Career Mom during COVID19 quarantine times. The struggle is REAL, but it doesn’t have to be full of resentment and stress. Rachel explains how to set boundaries around work, our children and our partners. She also talks about setting realistic expectations for ourselves around work and schooling our children. Jenny implemented several of Rachel’s tips after her first week in quarantine and it has completely changed her experience!  

Rachel Bailey is a Parenting Specialist who has been serving families for over a decade. Besides being a mother of two, she also has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, a certification in Positive Discipline, and has provided services as an ADHD Coach, in-home mentor, and therapist. Currently, Rachel teaches parents practical, longterm tools for raising responsible, resilient, confident children... while reducing the stress and guilt in parents' lives.

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