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March 8, 2021  

Womxn Supporting Womxn

March 8, 2021

Amber Hall is an advocate for women in STEM related positions in corporate America. She had a refreshingly honest take on what it is like to be a  Black woman in today’s corporate environment. Amber is cultivating change through conversation, with her own podcast, The Chief Hustlher, by giving strategic tips to aspiring Womxn to own their corporate careers like CEOs. Amber knows how critical mentorship, advocacy, and sponsorship are for Womxn in the workplace.  She uses her voice and platform to fight for change and advocate for other Womxn to thrive

Amber is a seasoned engineer who has garnered 15 patents under the age of 30, Amber is currently a product innovation strategist and has leveraged her knowledge across several industries. Her focus is to develop breakthrough innovative products and solutions for the consumers and brands she serves. 

Things we talk about in the episode: 

  • The importance of breaking down the “woman” identity and having conversations about experiences of Black women, gay women, Hindu women, etc. in our organizations.
  • What women supporting women mean in today’s corporate environment and examples of how women can make change in their organization and pick their area of change within their spaces (hint: we don’t have to and can’t do it all!)
  • The importance of being the CEO of your career and who should be on your personal board of directors. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation!


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