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April 5, 2021  

Routine and Things

April 5, 2021

Routines, you either love them or hate them. I’ve leaned hard on routines during COVID and while they can be a challenge to start I do appreciate their power. This week’s guest, Ashley Brown, created a business and podcast all around routines. She uses routines not only to structure her days but to reduce stress, reduce the mental load, and to intentionally align her life with her values. 

Ashley  is a mom of 2 and creator and owner of Routine and Things, which equips women to consistently live their happiest life one routine at a time. Ashley strongly believes routines are a form of wellness and can be a beautiful springboard for improving your home, yourself, and your life. She’s on a mission to see as many women as possible live life with ease by starting, maintaining, and enjoying routines! 

Things we talk about in the episode: 

  • Ashley’s definition of a routine - an intentional flow of actions done consistently.
  • Common beliefs of routine resistant people - they are boring and restrictive (not true, btw!). 
  • The benefits of routines: reduced stress and confusion, lighten the mental load, create more flexibility, and live your life aligned with your values. 

Check out Ashley’s FREE routine assessment here: routineandthings/assessment


I hope you enjoy our conversation!


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