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March 29, 2021  

Have a Career and Be A Good Mom

March 29, 2021

I created an audio course on and this Career Mom Conversation is the first two lessons of that course. The full course is 10 lessons and 46 minutes long. The course’s objective is to help modern working moms understand their identity, how their careers relate to their identity and why women tend to lose themselves in motherhood. It provides exercises, tools, and resources to redefine and embrace working motherhood to ease mom guilt. It will empower you to make changes in your mindset to challenge societal messages telling women they don’t deserve a career or fulfillment outside of motherhood.  


Check out my course on Listenable! Have a Career and Be a Good Mom: How to Redefine Working Motherhood The first 7 days of a listenable subscription is free so listen to my course (only 46 minutes) in those 7 days and then cancel - I won’t tell anyone ;)

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