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November 9, 2020  

Performance Reviews

November 9, 2020

Today’s Career Mom Conversation is about year-end performance reviews. It is that time of year again and COVID is making performance reviews for Career Moms complicated while companies are treating the process like “normal”. I share some things to keep in mind while completing your  review to remind yourself how NOT normal this year has been. I want you to remember we’re fighting a losing battle so it’s important for us to advocate for yourselves because no one else will and don’t forget that even though it may not always feel like it - you have the power - you make the decision about how your career affects your life and your family. 

While you’re reflecting on your corporate performance review don’t forget to take a look at all the things you managed on the home front. You navigated your family through a global pandemic. You trailblazer for your family in unpredicted times -  You did this! I’m so proud of you Career Mom!


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